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Things to Do at Lake Tahoe

Find Out What to Do at Lake Tahoe


Best Things to Do at Lake Tahoe Any Time

Lake Tahoe's weather has more extremes than the rest of California, with pleasant summers and snowy winters, but there are a few things to do at Lake Tahoe no matter when you're there.

Best Things to Do at Lake Tahoe in Summer

Lake Tahoe is actually busier in summer than in winter, even though it may be better know for its ski slopes. Maybe all those visitors have figured out that there are more things to do at Lake Tahoe in the warmer months.

  • Summer is the time for water sports. You can rent almost any kind of watercraft from businesses along the lake shore, or take a gentle, self-propelled rafting trip on the Truckee River just below the lake at Tahoe City
  • Hiking and mountain biking are among the most popular things to do at Lake Tahoe in warm weather, especially on the Tahoe Rim Trail, but you don't have to do all of it's 165 miles in one trip. You'll find some easy day hikes on it, too
  • The Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival features classic plays in a setting so lovely that it almost upstages the performers

Best Things to Do at Lake Tahoe in Winter

Lake Tahoe winters mean snow, and hundreds of inches of the white stuff pile up around it every year - or at least the ski resorts hope it does. The bigger ski resorts usually open by Thanksgiving, even if they have to make their own snow to do it. In the snowiest years, the season may last into April.

Best Things to do at Lake Tahoe for Families

If you've got the whole family along, you'll find plenty of things to do at Lake Tahoe to keep them entertained.
  • Kids love the old-fashioned Western atmosphere at Virginia City, a short side trip away from the lake
  • Northstar at Tahoe has a big ice skating rink and afterward, you can buy a s'mores kit and warm up around one of the outdoor fireplaces
  • Most of the larger ski resorts offer lessons for the kids, but if they don't want to ski, they'll enjoy playing the snow or snowtubing
  • Admission is free at the Tahoe Trout Farm and you can get bait and tackle on the spot. Just be sure the kids know that they're going to have to kill the fish if they plan to take it home for dinner. They don't have a website, but they're at 1023 Blue Lake Ave in South Lake Tahoe, open end of May through early September, 530-541-1491
  • The self-propelled rafting trips on the Truckee River just at Tahoe City are one of the most fun things to do at Lake Tahoe, especially if the kids are old enough to help paddle

Romantic Things to Do at Lake Tahoe

  • Dinner with a view at sunset. You can get it on a boat cruise or at the Squaw Valley High Camp December through March
  • Cuddle up on a hot air balloon ride over the lake - mornings only
  • Get married: Plan ahead for the big day, skip all the fuss and elope or just do it on the spur of the moment. Local wedding chapels can handle all the legalities in a jiffy.


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