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Hotels in Los Angeles - Guide to Finding the Best Place to Stay


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Hotels in Los Angeles: Where to Stay
Hotels in Los Angeles - Guide to Finding the Best Place to Stay

Finding the Best LA Hotel Can be Confusing

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The following pages will give you an idea of what each part of the Los Angeles metropolitan area is like, with the pros and cons of staying there. Browse around and once you find an area you like, you can go to our lists of the best hotels in that area.

Tips About Where to Stay

  • The greater Los Angeles metropolitan area - which encompasses five counties - is a very big place. Traffic is just as bad as you've heard, so it's good to stay off the freeway as much as you can. Think about what you want to see, review the map and pick your place to stay so it's more convenient.
  • Getting around LA without an automobile is extremely difficult. Areas that are along the Metro train lines are noted, and you may be able to take the trains to get to some areas.
  • Learn about hidden hotel costs and how to avoid them
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