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Disneyland Hotels

Selected Disneyland Hotels


The Anaheim area boasts dozens of Disneyland hotels, so many that it's hard to choose a place that meets your needs. We've done some of the work for you, reading hundreds of reviews and choosing a selected group of Disneyland hotels that are generally well-regarded, close to the park, inexpensive or have other useful characteristics such as suites. Use this list and our Disneyland Hotel Finder, and you'll be done in no time.

Disneyland Hotels A to Z

Key to Disneyland Hotels Listings

Our $ ratings are readily-available Internet rates per night. Using our tips for getting good rates at Disneyland hotels, you can probably get a room at most Disneyland hotels for less.

$ less than $99
$$ $100 to $125
$$$ $126 to $200
$$$$ $200 and up

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Close to the park
Clean and comfortable
Should be a Disney hotel

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Buyer beware: We have made our best effort to pick Disneyland hotels that generate very few customer complaints. However, even the best of Disneyland hotels can have a bad day, broken elevator, or lose your reservation.

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