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Cheap Hotels Near Disneyland Anaheim

Keeping Costs Down on Disneyland Anaheim Hotels


If you're taking the easy route, and have very little time to spend researching a better deal, these cheap hotels near Disneyland Anaheim have a website rate of $100 or less as of early 2014, which is inexpensive for the area.

If your Disneyland Anaheim budget is small, you may think you have to settle for a no-frills hotel that at best will offer a clean place to crash, but you don't have to. Priceline watchdog site biddingfortravel reports cheap prices at nicer hotels. They report that the Anaheim Hilton can be reserved for less than $60 per night through Priceline.com. If you want to try to get a nicer place in Anaheim for the same price as a "cheap" hotel near Disneyland Anaheim, try our guide to getting the lowest rate for a Disneyland Anaheim hotel for tips to help you get the best rate possible.

If you're not comfortable with using Priceline, these cheap hotels near Disneyland Anaheim are the best of the bunch, with the fewest customer complaints and best customer reviews.

Cheap Hotels Near Disneyland - Anaheim

Walking distance is less than 2 blocks from the Disneyland entrance.

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