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Disneyland Hotels: Suites


Many of the Disneyland-area hotels offer suites of all sizes and descriptions. They're convenient for families with children who'd like to keep the kids in the same room with them, but would like a little privacy at the same time. They can also be a cost-saver, accommodating six to eight people with varying amounts of privacy, at a daily rate that's cheaper than two or three standard hotel rooms. Some suites also have partial or full kitchens, a great help if you want to save a little money (or eat more healthily) by cooking for yourself.

Before you make your reservation check what kind of suite they're offering. So-called "studio" suites may have two rooms, or somewhat-separated living and sleeping areas, but may not have a door that can be closed for privacy.

See our guide to finding hotels near Disneyland for tips to help you get the best rate possible.

Suite Hotels Near Disneyland

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