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Things to Do on a Rainy Day in Los Angeles


Things to Do on a Rainy Day in Los Angeles

If rain is ruining your trip, you could cry, but that would just make it wetter. California travel expert Betsy Malloy has some better ideas.

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If LA is as wet as wet can be and the Hollywood Walk of Fame is starting to resemble a gigantic Slip'N Slide, here's the first thing to do. Start chanting like a three-year-old "Rain, rain go away" or head for Hollywood Boulevard to join Wonder Woman and Spiderman as you do your impression of Gene Kelly "Singin' in the Rain."

If your day is still soppy after that, its' time to find something to do indoors, where it's as dry as dry. LA has a museum for everything from bunnies to wooly mammoths - the full list is in the LA Museum Guide. You could also browse the list of indoor day trips for ideas.

Unless you're the Wicked Witch of the East from Wizard of Oz, a little precipitation isn't likely to be fatal. Don some rain gear or even just a hat and jacket and you'll have more options. Try these ways to outwit the weather.

The Wright Sites

Architect Frank Lloyd Wright designed some of his most notable buildings for Los Angeles residents and the tours are inside, but if you know Wright, you know that many of his creations had leaky roofs. Don't be surprised to see plastic tarps and buckets.

How 'Bout a Cuppa?

For such an informal place, LA has lots of places to enjoy an afternoon tea, an especially nice thing to do on a rainy day. These are a few of the best spots:

Go Play Inside

If you can't play outdoors, go to a place that brings outdoor activities inside.

Van's Skateboard Park in Anaheim is as big as a large department store, with an assortment of quarter pipes, banks, handrails, boxes, pyramids and much more to keep your 'boarder busy.

If the weather has you climbing the walls figuratively, why not do it literally? Try Rockreation in Santa Monica or The Rock Gym in Long Beach.

Rain doesn't have to ground your imagination either. Take off into the wild blue yonder in a flight simulator. Air Combat USA in Fullerton operates on a limited schedule every month or try Flightdeck Air Combat Center in Anaheim.

While going to a garden in the rain might seem a little daft, some have nice conservatories and other places to get in out of the rain. Try Huntington Gardens, where you can also explore their library and art galleries.

The Old Standbys

There's nothing new or unusual about going to the movies on a rainy day, but in Los Angeles, it can be an extraordinary experience. The Cinerama Dome takes movie-going to an entirely new level with ambiance almost as much fun as the film. At the historic Grauman's Chinese, seeing the interior is worth the price of a ticket all by itself.

More About Los Angeles on a Rainy Day

Rain + LA = traffic jams that are rightly nicknamed "Carmageddon." The best way to deal with freeways on a rainy day is to stay away - take city streets instead.

During Pacific storms, the west-facing Los Angeles beaches can be lashed with big waves. It's a fascinating sight, but those bad boys can sneak up on you, so it's best to watch from a distance.

In general terms, the rainy season runs from November through March. For average temperatures, rain and sunshine, check the Los Angeles weather guide.

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