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Victorious Youth Gallery

Getty Villa


The renovated upstairs galleries

Victorious Youth Gallery, Getty Villa

(c) The J. Paul Getty Trust
After the bulk of the Getty Museum holdings were moved to the Getty Museum, the Villa's upstairs galleries received a major upgrade, with new windows and skylights that let in natural light to better show off the statues and sculptures.

You'll find the Getty Guide room on this floor. It's a good place to sit down and learn more about something that interests you, and you can even email a bookmark to yourself or a friend for later investigation.

Go left at the top of the stairs. Start with the exhibit of prehistoric works and don't miss the unique Cycladic sculpture of a Harp Player, made 2700 - 2300 B.C. The animal sculptures are a big hit with adults and children alike, as are the griffins, mythical creatures that are part lion, part eagle and part snake.

Take a side trip into a small but exquisite exhibit of coins and jewelry that includes an impossibly-elaborate gold Macedonian funerary wreath made in the late 300s B.C.

After passing through the Athletes and Competition, gallery you'll soon arrive in front of the statue of The Victorious Youth, a rare life-sized Greek bronze, crowning himself with a victor's wreath.

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