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Griffith Park Christmas Lights

Guide to Griffith Park, Los Angeles CA


Griffith Park Christmas Lights

Griffith Park Christmas Lights

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NOTE: The annual Christmas lights display in Griffith Park was last held in 2009. The festival's website has cited a major water infrastructure project on Crystal Springs Drive as the reason for cancellation. As of December 5, 2012, that site has not added information for 2013. Unless you hear otherwise in the news, your best bet is to assume it's not happening. Just in case it comes back, we'll leave this information online for a while longer.

The annual DWP Holiday Light Festival in Griffith Park is hosted by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. It typically runs throughout most of the month of December from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and admission is free. To get there, exit I-5 at Los Feliz. Go west on Los Feliz and turn right onto Crystal Springs Drive.

The Griffith Park Christmas Lights are a collection of almost 30 holiday-themed light displays. Elves decorate Christmas trees and William Mulholland surveys the Los Angeles Aqueduct while more elves stargaze at Griffith Observatory.

Vehicle Free Griffith Park Christmas Lights

To spare the air and provide a more laid-back experience, the first couple of weeks at the Griffith Park Christmas Lights are vehicle-free. On opening night, bicyclists get the display all to themselves. Visitors park at the Los Angeles Zoo lot and use human power to enjoy the lights. Wear comfortable shoes and dress warmly. If you cover the entire route, you'll walk a mile in each direction, so get there in early enough finish before the lights go off at 10:00 p.m.

Griffith Park Christmas Lights in Your Vehicle

After mid-month, automobiles can drive through the Griffith Park Christmas Lights, but you can walk through the display during this period, too. Just park in the Los Angeles Zoo parking lot and follow the path.

Since they started in 1994, the Griffith Park Christmas Lights have quickly become a holiday favorite, attracting over half a million people per year and even spreading those visits out over an entire month, the resulting crowds can make area roads resemble the nearby freeways at rush hour. You'll like it more if you have to wait less. To get through faster, go Monday through Thursday mid-month.

More Holiday Activities in Griffith Park

Besides the light display, you can also take a Christmas train ride from Travel Town to Santa's Village on weekend starting in late November and every night from mid-December until December 23. Order train tickets ahead of time on their website to prevent disappointment.
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