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Hollywood Walk of Fame Pictures

Photo Tour of the Walk of Fame


This collection of photos of the Hollywood Walk of Fame includes some pretty famous stars, views of the walk and a couple of cool ways to create your very own star.
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Picture of the sidewalk stars at night, with neon lightsStars at NightPicture of Celine Dion's star on the Hollywood Walk of FameCeline Dion's StarPeople posing for a photos with Batman, Wonder Woman and Spongebob SquarepantsCharacters on the WalkPicture of a star draw in chalk on the Hollywood Walk of FameDo It Yourself Star
Picture of Michael Jackson's star on the Hollywood Walk of FameMichael Jackson's StarPicture of Nicole Kidman's star with someone's foot over the last name - Hollywood Walk of FameNicole's StarPicture of Johnny Depp's Star on the Hollywood Walk of FameJohnny Depp's StarPicture of people walking along the Hollywood Walk of FameWalking the Walk
Picture of a sculpture called the Four Ladies on the Hollywood Walk of FameFour Ladies

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