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Beach Pictures - Southern California

Southern California Beach Pictures

Our southern California beach pictures were taken along the coast in the Los Angeles area. They'll take you from Malibu to Orange County.

You can click on each image to find more beach pictures in that location and get a better idea of what it's like. We had fun taking them and we hope you enjoy browsing through this collection of beach pictures.

Click on the individual links below to view galleries of Southern California beach pictures. They're in alphabetical order, not geographic.

Laguna Beach Pictures
Orange County

Manhattan Beach Pictures
Los Angeles

Newport Beach Pictures
Orange County

Redondo Beach Pictures
Los Angeles

Santa Monica Beach Pictures
Los Angeles

Venice Beach Pictures
Los Angeles

San Diego Beach Pictures

Santa Barbara Beach Pictures

A few tips for taking better beach pictures:

  • Many beach pictures come out with sand too bright, and people too dark. Use your flash to brighten faces at the beach. If your camera has a setting designed for photographing people at night, try that.
  • Beach pictures taken in morning and late afternoon take advantage of warmer-colored light and usually look better than ones taken mid-day at the beach.
  • Try this beach photography tutorial before you go out. it has some really great tips.
POLL: Which southern California beach do you think is prettiest?

Santa Monica

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Newport Beach picture courtesy of © Newport Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau. Used by permission.
All other beach pictures © Betsy Malloy and Betsy Malloy PHotography. Used by permission.

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