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Will Rogers State Beach


About Will Rogers State Beach

Will Rogers State Beach is a long, narrow beach - nearly two miles long, sandwiched between Pacific Coast Highway and the ocean. It's closer to Los Angeles than the Malibu beaches, but not as crowded as those further south.

This beach may invoke a feeling of deja vu: even if you haven't been here before, you've probably seen it in movies and television, including Creature from the Black Lagoon and early seasons of Baywatch.

And who was this Will Rogers guy? One of the best-known - and most amusing - celebrities of the 1920s and 1930s, who once owned land nearby.

Will Rogers State Beach Fees

It's a little confusing, but we'll try to explain. Will Rogers is a California State Beach, but it's run by the Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors. Basically what that means to you is that neither of them does a great job of providing information online. And if you have a State Parks day pass, it isn't accepted here. Parking fee varies by season and is cash only, so hit the ATM before you get there.

Creature Comforts at Will Rogers State Beach

  • Restrooms
  • Showers
  • Food stand

Will Rogers State Beach Activities

  • Bike path (goes all the way from here to Torrance)
  • Walking path
  • Swimming, lifeguard on duty during the day
  • Volleyball
  • Children's play area
  • A mild right point break is good for beginning surfers

In 2010, The Nature Conservancy gave Will Rogers State Beach an "Ocean Oscar" for Best Swimming, saying it's "one of the nicest beaches in California to take a dip in the ocean and bask in the sunshine on a beach towel."

Highs and Lows at Will Rogers State Beach

When the beach gets busy, it can also get pretty noisy.

Parking is another sore spot, with many thinking it costs too much.

Some beachgoers complain about the men's restroom, especially because the stalls don't have doors.

Some sources say Will Rogers State Beach is so popular with the gay community that it should be nicknamed "Ginger Rogers," but other online reviewers say they've been going there for years and never noticed. Who's there may depend on which part of the beach you go to.

Beachgoer Beware

Heal the Bay often gives Will Rogers State Beach an A+ for water quality, but it can experience periodic problems in the winter. Check current conditions.

Will Rogers State Beach Reviews

Reviewers at Yelp give Will Rogers Beach high marks, with lots of comments about how clean it is, less crowded than Santa Monica Beach up the road and not "tourist-infested." Read their reviews.

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How to Get to Will Rogers State Beach:

Will Rogers State Beach is just west of Santa Monica on Pacific Coast Highway, near its intersection with Temescal Canyon Road. If you need an address for your GPS or smart phone, try 15500 Pacific Coast Highway, Pacific Palisades.

You can park in any of several paid lots along the highway, including the one at Gladstone's Restaurant. Don't try to park along Temescal Canyon Road, though. There is some free parking, but tow-away signs aren't always visible - and the ticket and towing fees are far higher than what the parking lot charges.

You can get to Will Rogers State Beach using public transit on LA Metro Bus #534

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