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Things to do in Los Angeles - Top 12 - and 5 to Avoid


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#8. Farmers Market and The Grove
Things to do in Los Angeles - Top 12 - and 5 to Avoid

Welcome to the LA Farmers Market

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The Farmers Market was once just that - a place where local farmers sold their produce, but over its long lifetime since 1934, it's become much more than that. Today, it's a lively, fun place to eat and drink, with a surprising number of its food stands garnering top marks for their cuisine. Next door, The Grove shopping area adds more places to shop, go to the movies, eat in a sit-down restaurant or watch the dancing fountains.

Farmers Market and the Grove are at the corner of Third and Fairfax, a little south of Hollywood Boulevard and east of Beverly Hills.

Pros and Cons

We love the energetic atmosphere of both places, especially in the evening, when the tour buses go away and the locals come out. This is a great place to go for people-watching and with dozens of food choices, the Farmers Market is especially good for a group of picky eaters, who can each choose their own cuisine.

On the downside, parking can be hard to get during busy times and because the parking lots are run by two different businesses, you have to leave your car where you spend money to get parking validation. And - if you aren't hungry and don't want to shop, this may not be the place for you.

More About Farmers Market and The Grove

If you need more information, check the Complete Guide to the Farmers Market or the The Grove Guide. They'll tell you about hours, how to get there and the best time to go.

Take a photo tour of the Farmers Market and The Grove to see what they're like.

See where it is on a map. It's the green-colored push pin.

Don't Take Our Word For It

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