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Top 9 Hotels Near Universal Studios


We researched Universal Studios hotels so you don't have to. Most are in Burbank, Studio City, Universal City, and because city boundaries can be quirky, a couple with Los Angeles and Hollywood addresses. It's hard to find inexpensive, nice hotels in this part of L. A. If you're on a budget, find a hotel near the MTA Red Line train and take it to Universal, saving on gas and parking as well as room rate.

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Best Western Media Center

Located in Burbank's Media Center (thus the name)

Beverly Garland

Close to Universal Studios and Hollywood and located on 7 tree-shaded acres, this hotel is one of the area's best bargains.

Coast Anabelle

Convenient to Burbank airport, Hollywood, Beverly Hills


Convenient to Burbank airport, Hollywood, Beverly Hills

Marriott Burbank Airport

Located right across the street from the Burbank airport

Hilton Universal City at Universal Studios

Hilltop location gives nice views

Marriott Courtyard

This lower end of the Marriott chain offers few fancy frills, but usually provides a comfortable night's sleep.

Safari Inn

A Burbank landmark

Sportsmen's Lodge

Country comfort in the city with 8 acres of grounds

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