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Universal Studios Hollywood Tips


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What You Need to Know Before You Visit

Universal Studios Hollywood is a lot of fun - and one of the fastest-growing and most exciting theme parks in California. But waits can be long and if you don't plan ahead, you could end up feeling uncomfortable all day. These tips will help you avoid all those traps that others fall into.

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Universal Studios Hollywood is a lot of fun to visit, but with a little knowledge and planning, you can enjoy it even more.

I've been there a dozen times or more andmade all the rookie mistakes so you don't have to. This guide will help you have more fun with less hassle.

Whether this is your first visit or your ninety-first, you may also want to know what's new at Universal Studios Hollywood this year.


Buy your tickets online before you go. To find out why it might save you money and where to buy them, check the Universal Studios Ticket Guide.

What If It Rains?

It's unlikely to rain in southern California from mid spring through mid fall, but if it does, Universal has you covered. They offer a rain check.

If more than 1/8 inch of rain falls by 2:00 p.m., you can ask for a rain check at the Guest Relations office any time before the park closes.  Rain checks are good for a free return visit any time within the following 30 days.

You may not need that rain check, though. Most outdoor shows and strolling characters move indoors and most rides are already inside buildings.

More Tips Than You'll Ever Need

You may not need them all, but you'll need some of them, so here's the index:


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