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California Driving - Roads and Rules

Resources about driving to speed your travel. Driving rules and regulations, speed traps, highway rest stops, parking, etc.
  1. Getting Around San Diego

Getting Around San Francisco
Resources for driving in San Francisco - speed traps, parking, driving tips.

California Driving Distances
Use this California map supplement to find the distance between major cities and destinations.

California Driving
A survival guide - all about road signs, gas stations, California driving quirks and more.

California Highway Patrol Brochures
Driving information and laws.

California Rest Stops
From the folk at CalTrans.

Driver Handbook
Learn about all the California driving laws.

Driving in the US
A guide for visitors from other countries.

Road Conditions
From CalTrans. Especially useful to see if Highway 1 is closed or get chain info for snowy weather.

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