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1882 Gerard Full House House San Francisco


It's not where you may think it is

They Remember Full House

© 2009 Betsy Malloy Photography. Used by Permission.
To see all the components of the opening scenes of Full House, you'll have to travel all over San Francisco. The family picnic in the opening scene of Full House was held in Alamo Square Park (which was in the previous picture), but the house shown as the fictitious 1882 Gerard is actually just north of Geary on the west side of town. To make matters even more complicated, the red door which hung on that house when Full House was being filmed was later sold to a neighbor.

The people who live here must be used to having people come gawk at their home, but we wouldn't advise making yourself comfortable on the front steps without asking their permission first, no matter how much you loved the Full House show. To catch the Full House house looking better than it does here, with the front nicely lighted, it faces east, so try to get there mid-morning.

If you look closely at the top roof line of this house and the one next door, you'll see a feature of many San Francisco Victorians - there's a false front, created to make the house look bigger than it actually is.

Where is the Full House house? It's at at 1709 Broderick. Please respect the owners' privacy if you decide to visit it.

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