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California State Map

California State Map Collection

This page links to several different California state map types. The interactive California state map links to city information, the California state highway map shows an overview of city locations and major highways, the relief map shows the highs and lows.

Online California State Map Index

Interactive California State Map - Popular Tourist Sights


Cities and Distances Chart

California State Map: Outline

California State Map: Topographic

Map of Spanish Missions in California

California Lighthouses

California Places by Area

California County Map

California Coast Map

The California state map selections presented above cover the entire state. If you're looking for a specific location, try our California state map index- which lists city and area maps. Many of these maps are custom made with visitors in mind, with information presented in ways that a regular GPS or mapping app won't.

If you prefer paper maps to digital ones, the Thomas Guides are very detailed, but some people find their page and grid system confusing and hard to work with. CSAA (AAA) members can order a California state map online using their membership number.

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