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Mendocino County Weekend Getaway

Plan a Mendocino County Getaway in a Jiffy


Mendocino County

You can plan your Mendocino County National Park weekend getaway in a jiffy using the resources below.

Will You Like It?

  • Mendocino County's tourist attractions center on the coast, where you'll find dramatic cliffs and crashing waves. The pleasures here are mostly simple: a walk in the woods or on the beach, a relaxing spa visit or an afternoon reading your favorite book.
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Best Time to Go

Contrary to what you might think (depending on how well you know California weather), summer is not the best time to visit this coastal location. You're likely to find morning and evening fog, and some June days can be gloomy all day long. Spring and fall are much nicer, and the coastal rhododendrons bloom in March and April. In winter, you risk rain and storms, but rates plummet and normally popular spots are blissfully uncrowded.

Getting There

Driving? The town of Mendocino is 155 miles from San Francisco, 200 miles from San Jose and 195 miles from Sacramento.

Flying? The nearest aiport is in San Francisco (SFO). Check airfares.

Where to Stay

Check our recommended hotels and campgrounds.

4 Great Things to Do

  • Skunk Train: One of the most popular things to do in Mendocino, this scenic train ride takes you over the mountains from Fort Bragg to Willits.

  • Ridgewood Ranch: Famous race horse Seabiscuit made his home here, and much of the ranch is unchanged since his day.

  • Visit a Beach: Join beachcombers picking up sea glass at Glass Beach, check out the spherical boulders at Bowling Ball Beach or go for a long walk at Manchester Beach.

  • Go to the Spa: The charming Elk Cove Inn's small but comfy spa offers massages in a beautiful seaside location.

Best Brunch

Since most of Mendocino's lodging is bed and breakfast-style, you may not have an opportunity to go for brunch. If you're looking for a fine evening meal, Fort Bragg's Mendo Bistro offers innovative cuisine featuring fresh, local ingredients.

Annual Events You Should Know About

Mendocino County is the site of quite a few festivals.


  • The map can lead you astray when you're trying to figure out how to get to the coast from Highway 101. The best route coming from the south is to take Highway 128 through Boonville and up the Anderson Valley to Highway 1. If you're coming from the north, take Highway 253 west to Highway 128 north.

  • If you've got the time and are driving home toward the south, take Highway 1. And if you've got an extra day, think about stopping for the night in charming Occidental.

  • Bring your favorite book. Mendocino is a great place to sit back, relax and enjoy it.
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