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Glass Beach


About Glass Beach

Glass Beach is a beautiful, rugged beach west of Fort Bragg, with cliffs and crashing waves. There's little sand, but nevertheless, Glass Beach is one of California's most interesting beaches.

The Fort Bragg city dump once stood here. It closed in the 1960s, but broken glass remained. Over the years it's been ground and polished.

For many years, a steady stream of visitors collected glass to take home. Finally, before this unique sight was lost forever, the state parks took it over, and removing glass is now prohibited.

Glass Beach also collects lots of pretty seashells.

Glass Beach Fees

  • Entrance Fee: None
    Parking Fee: None

Creature Comforts at Glass Beach

  • No restrooms
  • Dogs on a leash are allowed at Glass Beach

Glass Beach Activities

  • This scenic spot is good for photography
  • Some people like to climb around on the rocks

Highs and Lows at Glass Beach

  • The sea glass found on this beach is beautiful, making it sparkle in the sun.
  • The wind can be very strong, here and cold even on a sunny day.
  • There's little else to do besides enjoying the unusual sight.

Beachgoer Beware

Because of the old dump, metal trash can wash up from time to time. Take care where you walk and wear shoes with thick soles.

How to Get to Glass Beach

Glass Beach is in Fort Bragg. Turn west on Elm Street, go to the parking lot at the end and follow the dirt path to the beach.

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