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Mission San Antonio de Padua


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Mission San Antonio de Padua
Mission San Antonio de Padua

Mission San Antonio de Padua

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Mission San Antonio de Padua was the third one built in California, founded July 14, 1771
by Father Junipero Serra. Its full name, which is San Antonio de Padua de los Robles means St. Anthony of Padua of the Oaks.

If you're here because you want to visit Mission San Antonio de Padua, you may want to read up on its history first, take a look at some pictures or just get the location which is below.

If you're looking for background material for a California Fourth Grade report, use this page and the mission history. If you're building a model for your project, check out the layout and floor plan and take a look at the pictures. If you need some help, try the model-building books and resources.

Interesting Facts about Mission San Antonio de Padua

  • Mission San Antonio is the only mission whose surroundings have not changed.
  • Mission San Antonio was the first to use a red tile roof.
  • The first European wedding in the state of California took place at Mission San Antonio on May 16, 1773.

Mission San Antonio de Padua Timeline

  • 1771 - Father Serra founds Mission San Antonio
    1773 - Moved to new location
    1774 - 178 neophytes
    1780 - Second church completed
    1805 - 1,300 neophytes
    1813 - Final Mission San Antonio church completed
    1835 - Secularized
    1841 - 140 neophytes at Mission San Antonio
    1940 - Restoration begins at Mission San Antonio

Where Is Mission San Antonio de Padua Located?

Mission San Antonio de Padua
Five miles northwest of Jolon
Monterey County
Jolon, CA
Mission Website and current hours
Mission San Antonio is west of US Hwy 101 near King City, inside Fort Hunter Liggett. To get to Mission San Antonio, exit US Hwy 101 on Jolon Road (county road G14) and go south 19 miles to Jolon. The mission is inside Fort Hunter Liggett, but you can get there without going through their security gate. Take Mission Road about 5 miles to Mission San Antonio.

See where it is on a map.

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