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San Gabriel Mission


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San Gabriel Mission
San Gabriel Mission

Mission San Gabriel

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San Gabriel Mission was the fourth one built in California, founded September 8, 1771 by Fathers Pedro Cambon and Angel Somera. The name San Gabriel Mission is for Arcangel Gabriel.

If you're here because you want to visit San Gabriel Mission, you may want to read up on its history first, take a look at some pictures or just get the location which is below.

If you're looking for background material for a California Fourth Grade report, use this page and the mission history. If you're building a model for your project, check out the layout and floor plan and take a look at the pictures. If you need some help, try the model-building books and resources.

Interesting Facts about San Gabriel Mission

  • Mission San Gabriel is the only one with Moorish architecture
  • Settlers from Mission San Gabriel founded the city of Los Angeles
  • Mission San Gabriel has no bell tower - the bells are in a separate wall
  • Mission San Gabriel is the oldest structure of its kind south of Monterey

San Gabriel Mission Timeline

  • 1771 - Mission San Gabriel founded
    1775 - Moved to a new site
    1779 - Building began
    1781 - Party leaves Mission San Gabriel to found Los Angeles
    1805 - Building completed
    1812 - Earthquake
    1835 - Secularized
    1846 - Mission San Gabriel sold by Pio Pico
    1908 - Claretan fathers rebuild Mission San Gabriel
    1987 - Mission San Gabriel damaged in earthquake

Where Is San Gabriel Mission Located?

Mission San Gabriel
428 South Mission Drive
San Gabriel CA
Mission Website and current hours
San Gabriel Mission is located north of I-10, northeast of downtown Los Angeles. Exit I-10 at New Ave. and merge onto north New Ave. New Avenue becomes Ramona Street. Keep going for about 1.7 miles from the freeway, and turn left onto S. Mission Drive. Mission San Gabriel is on the left.

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