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Mission San Miguel Arcangel


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Mission San Miguel Layout, Floor Plan, Buildings and Grounds
mission san miguel layout

San Miguel Mission Layout

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The original church was destroyed in a fire in 1806. In 1808, the fathers built a granary, carpenter room and a sacristy.

The mission also built a house on the coast at San Simeon in 1810, and a house at Rancho Asuncion in 1812 and several other houses at their ranchos.

In 1814, construction on a new church began. It was soon ready for its roof, but it took a long time to bring the roofing timbers from the nearby mountains, 40 miles away, and the church was not completed until 1818. The building is 144 feet long, 27 feet wide and 40 feet tall, with six-foot-thick walls. The 2000-pound bronze bell was cast in San Francisco in 1888, from pieces of older bells.

The church's exterior is quite plain and its architecture is simple. However, it is elaborately decorated inside with frescoes. An unusual feature is the "all-seeing eye of God" above the altar.

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