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Santa Ines Mission


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Santa Ines Mission
Mission Santa Ines

Mission Santa Ines

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Santa Ines Mission was the nineteenth one built in California, founded September 17, 1804 by Father Estevan Tapis. The name Santa Ines is for Saint Agnes.

If you're here because you want to visit Santa Ines Mission, you may want to read up on its history first, take a look at some pictures or just get the location which is below.

If you're looking for background material for a California Fourth Grade report, use this page and the mission history. If you're building a model for your project, check out the layout and floor plan and take a look at the pictures. If you need some help, try the model-building books and resources.

Interesting Facts about Mission Santa Ines

  • Mission Santa Ines is the last mission founded in Southern California
  • Mission Santa Ines was the home of California's first seminary college
  • During the 1824 revolt, two Indians were killed at Mission Santa Ines

Santa Ines Mission Timeline

  • 1804 - Father Tapis founds Mission Santa Ines
    1811 - Quadrangle and church completed
    1812 - Earthquake
    1817 - New church completed, 920 Indians
    1834 - Mission Santa Ines secularized
    1843 - Mission Santa Ines returned to Catholic church

Where Is Santa Ines Mission Located?

Mission Santa Ines
1760 Mission Drive
Solvang, CA
Mission Website and current hours
Mission Santa Ines is located 45 miles north of Santa Barbara and 150 miles northwest of Los Angeles. From US 101, take the Solvang exit at Buellton (SR 246) and go east 4 miles to Mission Santa Inés, just beyond downtown Solvang.

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