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Top 9 California Mission Model-Building Resources


A collection of books to help you build a California mission model. Few new books have been published in recent years, and some of the titles mentioned below may be sold out, or very expensive.

1. California Mission Projects Made Easy

Provides model patterns and instructions, mission history, more resources, available for immediate download. Models use easy-to-find, inexpensive materials. Written by Betsy Malloy, your Guide.

The only missions available are:

2. California Missions

History & Model Building Ideas for Children
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3. California Missions: History and Model Building Ideas for Children

This e-book includes some history, general model-building ideas and layouts.

4. California Missions to Cut Out (Vol. I)

Easy-to-make paper models.
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5. California Missions to Cut Out (Vol. II)

Easy-to-make paper models.
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6. Create a Mission

Crosses, monks, wheelbarrows, ground cover, trees, Indians, hay bales, straw bundles, and other items to dress out your mission model in style. Order online,, by phone or fax.

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7. Mission Kits and Accessories

You can find these at most Michael's stores, but in case you don't have one nearby, this shop accepts online orders. They stock about half of the missions and also have some nice-looking (but expensive) accessories.

8. Paper Models Online

Paper California mission models to cut out and assemble. Available on CD-ROM, direct download or pre-printed.

9. Projects & Layouts (California Missions)

Instructions for making a California mission model for every time frame and budget.

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