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Top Napa Valley Wineries and Tasting Rooms


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Where to Find the Best Napa Valley Wineries and Tours for Visitors

Sampling White and Red Wines

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We can't get to all of the Napa Valley wineries ourselves, so we collaborated with an expert to create this list. Jesse Warr of A Friend in Town has been giving personalized wine country tours for more than 10 years and shared his secrets. We've thrown in a few of our personal wine-tasting favorites, too.

Within each category, the top Napa Valley wineries are in alphabetical order. Many wineries require wine-tasting reservations these days. They're not snooty, it's a sad fact that Napa was getting so overrun that new winery tasting room licenses require it.

  • Best Napa Valley Wineries for a Great Tasting Room Experience: Many Napa Valley wineries have tasting rooms, but in some you're lucky to get enough attention to have your glass filled. After a couple of wine-tasting stops, the pour-sip-pour-sip routine gets monotonous. These top winery tasting rooms offer great wines, a chance to relax in beautiful surroundings and personal attention.

  • Best Napa Valley Wineries for Tours: Reserve ahead for a tour at some great Napa Valley wineries which offer fun, interesting tours in beautiful wine country locations, or give your inner procrastinator free rein and try one of the best Napa Valley wineries for drop-in tours.

  • Best Napa Valley Wineries for Picnics: In case you get hungry while on your tasting tour, a few Napa Valley wineries offer nice spots for an alfresco meal.

  • Napa Valley Wineries for Free Tasting: Free tasting is almost unheard-of at Napa Valley wineries, but these are a few places where you can taste wine for free (or almost free).

  • Best Napa Valley Wineries with a View: A lot of Napa Valley wineries have pretty settings, but few have views so great that you might forget what wine you're tasting. Try these Napa stops for good wines and a great view.

  • Best Napa Valley Wineries for Food/Wine Pairings: Many tours and tastings in wine country focus on wines alone, but in fact, we often drink wine with food. These wineries understand that, offering thoughtfully-prepared wine-and-food experiences.

  • Most Beautiful Napa Winery Buildings: Selected solely for their architecture, they're worth a stop just to look at while you're in wine country, even if your tasting tour skips the tasting room.

  • Small, Boutique Wineries: The kind of places where you might just meet the owner or the winemaker in person.

  • Wine and Chocolate Pairings: If you love wine and chocolate in equal measure, try these.

  • The Tourist Stops: Sometimes the tasting room at a Napa Valley winery starts out well. They're fun to visit, word spreads. Unfortunately, hapless visitors arriving later may find big tour crowds served by impersonal, hurried staff and leave wondering what all the fuss was about. If you still want to visit any of these wineries, don't say we didn't warn you.

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Memorable tasting experience
Winery tour
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Food and wine pairing
Small place where you can meet the owner/winemaker
Price of the tasting
Great views

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