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Top Napa Valley Wineries and Tasting Rooms


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Food With Wine Tasting

Kobe and Cab on the Patio at Signorello

Courtesy of Signorello Estate

Most wineries focus their visitor experience on how their wines taste alone, but we often consume them differently, along with a meal. In fact, some winemakers focus on creating wines that taste good with food.

While some wineries shove a plate of cheese or other food items at you during the wine tasting and leave you to figure out what to do with it, these wineries offer a much more refined, well-thought-out food and wine pairing experience - and we love them for it.

  • Signorello Estate: Until we started to prepare these lists, we didn't realize how much we really love Signorello. Not only do they have great views and a good tasting experience, but you can't beat their food and wine offerings, so good that we can't choose between the Cabernet and wood-fired pizza they serve on the patio or the slightly more formal (and oh-so-yummy) Enoteca.

  • Swanson Vineyards: The surroundings are gorgeous and the wine-and-food pairing is well thought out and even more nicely presented. They have two ways to enjoy it all, in the sumptuous, French-style Salon or their Sip Shoppe, where you can enjoy the perfect morsels to go with your wine.

  • Kenzo Estate: You could easily make a day trip out of a visit to Kenzo Estate, enjoying the drive up to their property and their beautiful surroundings once you get there. They partner with Thomas Keller's Bouchon Restaurant to provide scrumptious sandwiches to go with their excellent vintages.

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