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Top Napa Valley Wineries and Tasting Rooms


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Small, Boutique Wineries

We just started exploring Napa's smaller wineries, the ones that only produce a few thousand cases per year, individually-owned - where you might just find the owner or the winemaker in the tasting room or giving a tour.

  • Heibel Ranch: This place might just have Napa's most beautiful tasting room - at a picnic table, under oak trees in a spot so remote that you won't believe how quiet it is. It's only a half-hour drive from the valley floor, and well worth the trip.

  • Smith-Madrone: There's no pretense, no fancy tasting room and no one telling you what you should be tasting at this winery above St. Helena, where it's easy to imagine what Napa was like 40 years ago.

  • Ma(i)sonry Vintners Collective: You may not find the winemakers here, but you will find get a chance to sample products from smaller wineries. Kick back in late afternoon at Ma(i)sonry in downtown Yountville to try wines from their vintner's collective, places so small that they don't their own tasting rooms.
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