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Knott's Berry Farm Visitor Guide - California


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Knott's Berry Farm Tickets

Knott's Berry Farm offers one-day tickets and season passes. Admission to their Soak City water park costs extra.

Knott's Berry Farm Ticket Prices

At Knott's Berry Farm, ticket prices vary by age, and it's least expensive for youngsters and oldsters.

  • Children under 3 years old get in free
  • Ages 3 through 11 pay child's admission
  • Anyone 12 years old through 61 years old pays adult admission
  • Seniors older than age 62 pay the same as children

Knott's Berry Farm Ticket Prices

It's easy to get discounts on adult admissions at Knott's, but the children/senior admission is seldom discounted. Knott's Berry Farm ticket prices as of June, 2013 (adult/child or senior) are:
  • At the gate or online through the Knott's website: $62/$39
  • Online through Kijubi.com: $38.99/$24.99
  • FAST LANE: $35 and up per person bypasses the regular line on selected rides (only a limited number sold each day)
  • Parking: $15 for cars $20 for RVs and buses

Let those other poor saps stand in line at the ticket booth. You know better. Join the smart visitors who buy Knott's Berry Farm tickets online and print them at home. They zip right in instead of standing in line at the gate.

Knott's Berry Farm Tickets Discounts

Discounts to Knott's Berry Farm abound, and there's little need to pay full price, ever. A few options, as of April, 2014:

  • AAA members get a discount on adult tickets, but only at the ticket booth. Check with your local branch to find out how much and be sure to have your card with you.

  • MouseSavers keeps a list of current Knott's Berry Farm coupons and discounts

  • Order at the Knott's website. Once in a while, they offer discounts for admissions early in the season. They also list their current promotions and coupons.

  • Members of the Military can show I.D. card at the box office and get adult tickets for a reduced price.

  • The Go Los Angeles Card offers a lot of attractions at a very reasonable price, including Knott's Berry Farm. Use this handy guide to find out all you need to know about it.

  • From time to time, Knott's offers discounts with coupons at places like Burger King, Albertson's grocery stores or TGI Friday's. Check their website for the latest promotions. Beware if you have to redeem coupons at guest services, where lines can move at glacier-like speed.

  • If you have a Cedar Fair platinum season pass, it's good at Knott's as well as Gilroy Gardens, Great America and other Cedar Fair parks.

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