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Palm Springs Weekend Getaway

Planning a Weekend Getaway in Palm Springs


Once known as the "Playground of the Stars," Palm Springs retains much of the charm of the era when it was home to some of Hollywood's most glamorous stars.

Will You Like Palm Springs?

  • Take a look at our Palm Springs Pictures.
  • Palm Springs is popular with anyone who likes the desert or playing golf. It's also a center for mid-century (also known as 1950s) modern architecture and decor and a good place to shop at the furniture consignment shops.

Palm Springs also has a large gay community, and is popular with gay tourists.

Best Time to Go

Palm Springs weather is best in the winter. Summers can be extraordinarily hot.

We can't find any data about how frequent this is overall, but during three out of three February visits to Palm Springs over the past dozen years, we've encountered strong winds, which kicked up a sandstorm. A quick check of Youtube videos turns up at least one a year, most of them in January or February. It's worth checking the weather before you go, just to be sure you aren't caught in one.

5 Great Things to Do in Palm Springs

  • Palm Springs Tramway: Tram ride to a mountain top, where you'll sometimes find snow, even when it's warm down below.
  • Indian Casinos: These casinos are going upscale, and there's even one in downtown Palm Springs
  • Indian Canyons: Rock art and other remnants of the Agua Caliente Cahuilla Indians
  • Windmill Tour: Take this tour to learn more about those big windmills you see outside town

Best Brunch

A weekend getaway is a great time to enjoy a leisurely brunch. We like cheerful Cheeky's for brunch (or for breakfast any time).

Annual Events You Should Know About


  • If you use options other than our hotel guides to find a place to stay, be sure you research your choice carefully. Palm Springs has a number of gay-only hotels and clothing-optional resorts, which may (or may not) be where you want to stay.
  • Palm Springs is very busy in mid-winter. If you can go in early fall or late spring, you'll get better hotel prices and the place will be less crowded.

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Getting to Palm Springs

Palm Springs is 140 miles from San Diego, 107 miles from Los Angeles.

Where to Stay

Check our recommended hotels and resorts, but keep in mind that newly-renovated hotels emerge from the scaffolding on a regular basis and there may be great new properties to choose from.

How to find a good place to stay, cheap.

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