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Glen Ivy Resort

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The Bottom Line

Glen Ivy Resort in Corona is an 11-acre, deluxe day spa centered around natural mineral springs and red clay mineral baths that earned it the nickname "Club Mud." It's a relaxing place to spend a day, with a laid back ambiance that makes everyone feel comfortable, regardless of their body's appearance. It's more than just a place to get a spa treatment, with an admission fee that gives you access to many of its facilities.

Glen Ivy Resort is 58 miles from Los Angeles and 87 miles from San Diego. Visitors must be at least 16 years old and at least 18 for spa treatments.

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  • Well kept, clean and attractive surroundings
  • Lots of ways to relax, many included in basic admission


  • Glen Ivy is too far from our northern California home to visit often
  • The lovely landscaping attracts bees, which can be a hazard in some locations


  • Admission includes use of pools, sauna, steam rooms, clay mud treatment. Extra charge: spa services, food, drink, Grotto
  • Discounts: over age 55, Corona residents, military, police, firefighters, nurses, teachers. Free on your birthday (with ID).
  • Contact Info:
    25000 Glen Ivy Rd.
    Corona, CA

    Closed Thanksgiving Day, December 25 and Easter Sunday.

  • Rates: Admission fee varies by day and season. In September, 2009, 50-minute Swedish massage cost $89. Check current rates
  • Treatments at Glen Ivy Resort: Full range of massage and spa services, including massage in an outdoor pavilion.
  • What's Special: Mud baths. Putting it on can send serious adults into giggles and your skin will feel smooth and soft.
  • Grotto: Aloe vera/seaweed moisturizer soak in a moist, manmade cave (extra $). Seems overpriced with little real benefit.
  • Other facilities include natural mineral water baths, several hot pools and two regular swimming pools
  • Water aerobics classes given every day, yoga on weekends
  • The on-site cafe provides a nice selection of salads and hot foods at reasonable prices

Guide Review - Glen Ivy Resort

We think Glen Ivy is one of the most relaxing and fun day spas in California. The surroundings are beautiful, with plenty of ways to relax that are included in the basic admission fee. Staff is pleasant and everything is extraordinarily well-kept.

A few tips may help you enjoy your visit:

  • To make the most of your visit, get there early and plan to stay all day.
  • Bring your swimming suit. The red clay and The Grotto moisturizer treatment can stain light-colored fabrics, so an old one might be best.
  • Bring a cover-up or robe. They are not provided.
  • Mineral water tarnishes silver jewelry. Take it off when you get there or leave it at home.
  • If you do the mud bath, shower first and spread only a thin layer. Otherwise, you'll be hanging around a long time waiting to dry.
  • If you're allergic to bee stings, have lunch inside, pay attention to your surroundings and wear sandals to avoid stepping on one.
  • Bring something to carry your wet swimsuit home in.

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