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Places to Visit in California

Places to Visit in California - California cities and towns, and other California sights.
  1. Missions of California (53)
  2. California National Parks (27)
  3. Ghost Towns (12)
  4. Haunted Houses and Places (11)
  5. Lighthouses (17)
  6. Casinos and Gambling (19)
  7. Blog (0)

California Places A to Z
A to Z list of California tourist spots and vacation locations

California Places by Area
Find places to go in California using this regional map - links to visitor guides

California State Parks
Discover the best California state parks to visit - when to go, how to make camping reservations

Frank Lloyd Wright Sites in California
The famous architect did some of his most important work here. Our guide tells you where to see it while on your California vacation.

California Hot Springs Guide
Discover the best California hot springs, indoors and out, developed or not.

Frank Lloyd Wright Houses and Buildings Photo Gallery
Take photo tour of all the Frank Lloyd Wright houses, homes and buildings in California, find out which ones are open to visitors and where they are.

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