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Rincon Beach


About Rincon Beach

Rincon Beach is one of California's most popular surfing spots, and on a busy weekend day, you may see as many as 30 or 40 surfers here, sitting on their boards waiting to catch a wave.

A relatively small beach, Rinccon sits in the curve of the shoreline at an angle to the incoming waves. The surf is good, but houses line the shore and the sand nearly disappears at high tide, making it best for surfers or watchers.

Rincon Point just around the point is a long, sandy beach, good for walking your dog or taking a stroll, with nice views of the Channel Islands on a clear day. Steps and a sloping path lead to the sand.

Rincon Beach Fees

  • Entrance Fee: None
    Parking Fee: None

Creature Comforts at Rincon Beach

  • Restrooms in the parking lot
  • No pets allowed
  • In Rincon Point Park on the other side of Bates Rd., you'll find picnic tables and soda machines.

Rincon Beach Activities

  • Surfing
  • Watching the surfers
  • Beachcombing

Lodging Near Rincon Beach

The nearest lodging to Rincon Beach is in the town of Carpinteria. However, it's only a ten-minute drive from downtown Santa Barbara.

Highs and Lows at Rincon Beach

  • Rincon Beach is primarily a surfer's beach, with a narrow stretch of sand and a lot of rocks.
  • The beach is often covered in driftwood.

Beachgoer Beware

At high tide, Rincon Beach becomes very narrow, and at low tide the seaweed can get a little stinky.

Because of the offshore oil fields (you can see the platforms on a clear day), all Santa Barbara area beaches are likely to have balls of tar washing up on shore. Once the gooey stuff gets on your shoes or feet, it's almost impossible to get off, although some people say baby oil can help remove it. We recommend that you do not go barefoot, and you may want to take an old pair of shoes or buy some inexpensive ones that you won't mind throwing away.

How to Get to Rincon Beach

Rincon Beach is about a ten minute drive north of Santa Barbara. Exit Highway 101 at Bates Road. The parking lot for the surfing beach is on the left and parking for Rincon Point Park is on the right.

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