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Sunset State Beach Campground



Camping at Sunset State Beach

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Sunset Beach feels like you're miles from anything. The sound of surf and ocean waves is better than any sound machine or noise-making app to help you fall asleep.

If you like a secluded, rustic campground where you can hang a hammock and relax, or get active and play at the beach, this is the place for you.

The Campground

Sunset has 90 sites for tents, RVs and travel trailers up to 18 feet long, but no hookups.

Sand dunes between the campground and the beach cut down on wind and blowing sand. Large pine trees also shade the campground.

Sites 1 through 37 are closest to the beach, but only three have ocean views: 25, 26 and 28.

The Experience

The groves where the sites are located have beautiful trees and grass - and ample space between you and your neighbors.

The beach is a good walk - or a short drive - from the campsites. Pack what you need or you'll running back and forth all day.

On the downside, a breeze may carry the smell of manure from nearby farms.

What about the beach itself? All that is in the Sunset State Beach Guide.

Primary Needs

Restrooms and showers


Group picnic tables are available under a shelter, but sand dunes are between them and the water.


You can catch surf perch and sardines on the beach, but need a fishing license to do it.

There's a remote control glider port in the dunes - fun to watch even if you don't own one.

You can swim at the beach and lifeguards are on duty during busiest times.

Furry Friends

Dogs are allowed in the campground but not on the beach.

Plan Ahead to Camp at Sunset Beach

Reservations are required year round, and it's a necessity to make them far in advance on weekends and during the summer. Learn how to make California state park reservations.

Details About Camping at Sunset Beach

Sunset State Beach Campground
Santa Cruz, CA

The park is 16 miles south of Santa Cruz off Highway One. Take the San Andreas Road exit.

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