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Nice Drives From San Diego

  • Cabrillo National Monument: OK, it's really kinda in town but on the edge, a nice short drive to a really scenic spot.

  • Scenic Loop: If you've ever seen those scenic highway signs on the road or on a map, this route follows their California poppy icons. Take I-8 east to Hwy 79 north to Hwy 76 west and back to San Diego

  • Anza-Borrego State Park: It's a nice drive out into the desert and if you go at the right time in spring, you may catch the wildflowers in bloom.

  • Coronado Bridge and Silver Strand Highway: Just head over the bridge and turn left at the water for a nice drive through Coronado and along a sliver of sand so narrow you can sometimes see water on both sides of the road. Keep going south through Imperial Beach and you'll eventually reach the mainland again.

  • Mad Maps: These maps are an explorer's dream, full of the kind of places you'd ferret out for yourself if you had time.

  • San Diego Harbor Cruise: On this one, you leave the "driving" to the skipper, but it's the same kind of experience as a good drive, with lots of interesting things to see along the way.

  • Drive to Julian: The drive up to this little former mining town is always pleasant, and in the fall, you'll find plenty of produce stands sellling locally-grown apples along the way.
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