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Sea World San Diego


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Sea World San Diego Tickets
Sea World San Diego

Buying Sea World San Diego Tickets

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Sea World San Diego has several ticket options, which are listed below. They also offer a selection of special experiences. Sea World may change its programs at any time, but these are the list prices for tickets at the gate as of March, 2013. Don't think we made a mistake with those numbers; at that time, the one-day, length of stay and Fun Card prices were all the same.

Anyone age 10 and older pays adult admission for Sea World San Diego tickets. Children's prices apply between age 3 and 9. Little ones 2 years old and younger get in free.

  • Single Day Sea World San Diego Tickets: $84.00 adult, $87.00 children
  • Length of Stay (7 Days): $78.00 adult, $70.00 children
  • Fun Card: $78.00 adult, $70.00 children (with a few blackout dates)
  • Silver Annual Pass: Unlimited visits, free parking. $145.00 for one year, $205.00 for two years, with no discounts for children. Monthly payments available.
  • Platinum Passport: Free parking, reserved seating, bonus admission and guest seating tickets, plus free admission to other SeaWorld parks. $395.00 for two years. Monthly payments available.
  • Quick Queue: Go to the front of the line at selected rides. Price is $20. The $30 Premier version offers unlimited priority boarding and reserved seating at all of the shows. It's not immediately obvious how to buy ta Quick Queue pass along with a ticket on the Sea World website - just look for the Don't Forget tab at the top of the shopping cart for the Quick Queue links
  • Parking: $15 for cars ($20 to park close to the gate), $20 for RVs and campers, $11 for motorcycles

Easy Ways to Get Sea World San Diego Tickets at a Discount

You may be able to reduce your bill for Sea World San Diego tickets by using some of these discounts and strategies.

Other Sea World San Diego Discounts

  • San Diego area grocery stores or drugstores often offer discount coupons for Sea World San Diego tickets. So do the tourist publications available in hotel lobbies. You'll have to stand in line at the ticket booth to redeem them.

  • If you are a member of AAA, AARP, a union or other organization or work for a large company, ask about discounts on Sea World San Diego tickets

  • Throughout 2013, active members of the military and as many as three direct dependents can get a single-day complimentary admission. Check details and register ahead of time.

  • It may look like a good deal on the surface, but we don't recommend buying your tickets through eBay, Craigslist and similar sites . There's a high risk of buying a counterfeit, expired, or used ticket.
You may find ticket/transportation packages for sale and if you don't mind the rigid time schedule, they can be a good way to get there. Be a smart consumer, though: check the total price before you buy. We've seen prices as much as $25 per person more than the full ticket price - and even services that offer a "free" shuttle can cost you more than discounted tickets and a one-day car rental.

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