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Sea World San Diego


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Be a Smart Sea World San Diego Visitor
Sea World San Diego

Selling Hats and Sunscreen to Unprepared Visitors

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What to Bring (Or Leave at Home)

  • Don't carry too much. You have to drag every ounce around all day. Leave the library card, car wash coupons and other things you don't need at home. It will lighten the load, and in the unlikely event that you lose your wallet, you won't have to replace them all.

  • Wear comfortable shoes and quick-drying clothing. The sunniest days are no time to be showing off those thighs: wear light-colored trousers that end below the knee to keep them from cooking while you're waiting to see the shows.

  • If you want to sit in the "splash zones" at the shows, zippered plastic bags can keep salt water out of your electronic goodies.

  • Bring hats, sunglasses and WATERPROOF sunscreen, any time of year. If you're wearing sandals, apply sunscreen to the tops of your feet or risk getting a strap-shaped tan line. Don't forget something for your lips, too.

  • Bring warmer clothing for evening, even in summer.

  • If you're traveling with kids, they're likely to get wet. A change of clothing, down to the socks and shoes can be welcome and swimsuits are a good idea for kids' water play at Bay of Play.

More Fun, Less Trouble

  • Shows fill up most any time. Get there a little early to get the best seats. Lower rows at most shows get wet. Color-coded seats claim to be the "splash zone," but you can tell from the water on the ground where the danger really lies.

  • On hot days, sitting in the sun waiting for the shows can cook your skin until it's more well done than your lunch. Save indoor attractions for the hottest part of the day.

  • Bring something to amuse the kids (and adults, too) while standing in line or waiting for a show.

  • Set the kids' expectations. If they're less than 48 inches tall, there are restrictions. Young'uns 42 to 48 inches tall need an adult with them. If they're shorter than 42 inches, they're limited to just a few rides and need an adult along - and they must be 58 inches or taller to ride the SkyTower and Skyride alone.

  • Food inside the park is less expensive than at some theme parks and Rocky Point Cafe offers the healthiest choices. You can't bring food in, but you can bring snacks or have a tailgate picnic outside.

  • You can rent strollers or bring your own, but they can't go inside most exhibits and attractions.

Special Needs at Sea World San Diego

  • Sea World San Diego operates a kennel for a small fee. Bring your own food and water dishes and get there early: it's strictly first-come, first-served.

  • Assistive-listening devices and disabled access is available. Assistance animals are welcome. ASL interpretation is provided once a month.

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