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Things to Do in San Diego


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#9. Take the Kids to Legoland
Things to Do in San Diego

Miniland Las Vegas at Legoland California

Courtesy of Legoland
Legoland theme park takes its inspiration from Lego toys, those cute little bricks that snap together to build all kinds of fun things. It's one of several Legolands worldwide.

You'll find life-sized traffic cops, dinosaurs and a dizzying collection of other creations made from Lego blocks all over the place, but they're just the decoration that surrounds the park's rides. At Legoland, little ones will find rides just for them, with age limits that keep the bigger kids from running all over them - and the adults get a kick out of all the great big Lego creations.

The adjoining Sea Life Aquarium is nice, but if you're visiting Sea World or the Birch Aquarium during your trip, you don't need to see this one, too.

Legoland is north of San Diego and the most practical way to get there is by driving.

Pros and Cons

Legoland is one of the best places to take smaller children for a theme park day, and their Water Park is cute enough to make one wish they were a kid again.

Adults will enjoy Miniland, where Lego artists have recreated some of the world's greatest cities. They'll also spend a lot of time poking each other, pointing to Lego creations and saying "Wow! Isn't that amazing?" - but otherwise are limited to watching the kids play and joining them on a few of the rides. Teens and some preteens may be bored.

More About Legoland

If you're convinced you want to go, buy your tickets online.

If you need more information, check the Complete Guide to Visiting Legoland. It will tell you about hours, how to get tickets, admission discounts, how to get there and the best time to go.

Take a photo tour of Legoland to see what it's like.

See where it is on a map.

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