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Things to Do in San Diego


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#8. Go to the Beach
Things to Do in San Diego

Going for a Run at La Jolla Shores

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Head west from any part of San Diego and you'll probably end up at a beach. When you get there, you can swim, surf, watch a sand castle competition, go for a walk, explore a tide pool or play with your dog. The trick is to know which beach is the right one for you. Check the complete Guide to San Diego Beaches to find out.

Pros and Cons

The city's warm weather couples with gently sloping beaches and few big waves to create a lot of great places to play, but it's not all sun and fun.

In spite of being known for its for sunny weather, San Diego endures 102 cloudy days per year, according to data published by The Western Regional Climate Center's Desert Research Institute - and a lot of them happen in the summer.

More About San Diego Beaches

Check the Complete Guide to San Diego Beaches to find the best beaches to take the kids or the dog, play volleyball, go surfing or tide pooling - or just take a romantic stroll.

We also have a guide just for the clothing optional recreation at Blacks Beach.

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