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Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon

Sequoia National Park is my personal favorite in California. Sequoia National Park boasts spectacular scenery, giant sequoias and is bar less crowded than Yosemite. Located in east-central California, Sequoia National Park is a long day trip from either Los Angeles or San Francisco.
  1. Sequoia & Kings Canyon Nationa (3)
  2. Things to Do at Sequoia (6)

Sequoia and Kings Canyon Photo Tour
Take a photo tour of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks end to end - General Grant and Sherman trees, waterfalls, mountains, views

Wildflower Pictures
Pictures of summer wildflowers in Sequoia and Kings Canyon include monkeyflower, blue-eyed Mary and Mariposa lily.

Sequoia National Park Maps
Links to Adobe Acrobat pdf maps of the park and the surrounding area.

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