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Gaviota Beach


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Gaviota Nude Beach
Gaviota Nude Beach

Gaviota Nude Beach Parking Area

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Gaviota Beach is a solitary beach protected by high cliffs. It is in a state park and the nude beach section is a couple of miles from the main park.

The website Friends of Bates Beach keeps a current status of park ranger contacts on their website.

This is the alliance's recommendation if a ranger happens to show up and ask you to get dressed: "...please comply without argument. The matter cannot be resolved on the beach, but will be handled in appropriate and productive meetings with state personnel. The more we argue and fuss on the beach, the more difficulty we cause for ourselves."


30 miles west of Santa Barbara on US 101 Get a map and directions.


Long stretch of sand with cliffs. You can walk all the way to the State Park Beach, but it's best to stop at the railroad trestle. Oil slicks and tar balls sometimes appear on the beach - wear shoes. This stretch of coast can also be very windy, making a warm coat a necessity, no matter what you intended to wear (or not) when you left home.

Who's at Gaviota Beach

Mixed crowd

Gaviota Beach Facilities


Gaviota Beach Activities

Whale watching in season

More Nude Beaches Within 25 Miles of Gaviota

  • More Mesa: Approximately 20 miles east (south on US Hwy 101)

Nudity Laws and Gaviota Beach

In the past, complaints of nudity at Gaviota Beach have resulted in a minimum a citation of violating CCR 4322, and at most to arrests for PC 314 Indecent Exposure. PC 314 (Indecent Exposure) is listed as a sex crime in California, and carries with it upon conviction lifetime registration in their community as a sex offender.

We try to report the most current information, but ultimately, the responsibility for knowing the law enforcement status at Gaviota Beach is yours.

Nude or naturist beach neophytes, please be respectful of others and read the Nude Beach and Topless Beach Etiquette guidelines before you go to a nude beach.

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