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More Mesa Beach


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More Mesa Nude Beach
More Mesa Beach

Path to More Mesa Nude Beach

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In general, nude sunbathers aren't hassled at More Mesa Beach, unless someone complains (which is very rare). However, the Santa Barbara County sheriff occasionally steps up enforcement at More Mesa. See the Readers Respond section below for the current status - or add information if you have it.

You can help keep this beach open for clothing optional use. According to Brad who wrote in 2002, a major concern is to keep all nudists north of the trail (which is the right side when you reach the beach) and not to be nude on areas to the south of the trail. Doing that lets the area homeowners get to the beach without encountering nude sunbathers, preventing complaints before they happen.


Off US Hwy 101 north of Santa Barbara. Get a map and directions.


More Mesa Beach is a very friendly and popular beach. The wide beach has soft, white sand and is backed by high, dirt cliffs.

Oily tar has been washing on up area beaches for centuries and native people used it to seal their canoes. The amount found on the beach varies. At times, the beach will be nearly clear, then storms wash more tar onto the sand. Keep your shoes on (even if they don't go with the rest of your outfit) and if you get it on your skin, many people recommend using an oily substance such as cooking oil, mayonnaise or baby oil to help get it off.

Who's at More Mesa Beach

Friendly crowd, very social. Up to 100 visitors on a busy day

More Mesa Beach Facilities


More Mesa Beach Activities

Volleyball, jogging, sunbathing, Frisbee, swimming, bodysurfing, surfing

More Nude Beaches Within 25 Miles of More Mesa Beach

  • Gaviota: Approximately 20 miles west (north on US Hwy 101)

Nudity Laws and More Mesa Beach

Laws regarding nudity at the naturist beach vary by location and fines are stiff in some places. Check the nudity laws before you go - the responsibility for knowing the law at More Mesa Beach is yours.

Nude or naturist beach neophytes, please be respectful of others and read the Nude Beach and Topless Beach Etiquette guidelines before you go to a nude beach.

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