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Guadalupe Dunes Beach


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Getting to Guadalupe Dunes Beach
Guadalupe Dunes Beach

San Luis Obispo County Beach Map

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Driving Directions

  • Exit US Hwy 101 onto CA Hwy 166 in Santa Maria
  • Drive west toward Guadalupe
  • Continue west for 8.8 miles (there are few highway signs)
  • CA Hwy 166 ends at CA Hwy 1
  • Turn right
  • Drive 3.7 miles to Oso Flaco Lake Rd, turn left
  • Drive 3.1 miles to the entrance to Oso Flaco State Vehicular Recreation Area (day use fee is charged)


Park in the lot or on the road outside the gate

Walking from Parking Lot to the Beach

Walk one mile to the beach, then south two miles to the dunes (wear shoes)

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