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San Francisco

Read this San Francisco Visitors' guide to learn about hotels, find maps, decide where to go sightseeing and more. View photographs and articles about Chinatown, Alcatraz, Fisherman's Wharf and more San Francisco attractions.
  1. San Francisco Pictures (17)
  2. Maps of San Francisco (12)
  3. Where to Stay in San Francisco (11)
  4. Where to Eat in San Francisco (19)
  5. Things to Do in San Francisco (163)
  6. Transportation to SF/Around Town (35)
  7. Weekend Getaways & Day Trips (4)
  8. San Francisco for Lovers (7)
  9. Clothing Optional Recreation (9)

San Francisco Vacation Planner
Are you planning a San Francisco vacation, but can't figure out where to start? Our 12-step (or less) San Francisco vacation planner will help you find a place to stay, save money, and find the best things to do and see in and around the City by the Bay.

San Francisco on a Budget: 7 Ways to Save
Things to do for free, how to get the best hotel rate, how to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Saving Money on Your California Vacation
How to use Goldstar's half-price ticket service to save money on your trip to San Francisco

Go Card San Francisco
The Go San Francisco Card is a multi-attraction discount card that could save you a little money - or a lot. Find out what it is, how it works, possible savings and how to get it.

Visiting San Francisco with Kids
Ideas for a visit with your kids, places to go and things to do on your San Francisco vacation.

How to Be a Smart San Francisco Visitor
10 easy ways to travel smart, avoid disappointments and lines, dress right and eat well.

San Francisco Tickets, Tours and Reservations
If you've got your transportation and lodging taken care of, go straight to this all-in-one page to buy tickets for your San Francisco trip: reserve tours, attractions, discount ticket packs and airport shuttles all in one place.

Weather in San Francisco
Check current conditions and get a forecast.

San Francisco Whale Watching

San Francisco North Beach: Walking Tour
Take a walking tour of Francisco's North Beach neighborhood - what to see, dining suggestions, shopping

San Francisco in a Day
Discover ways to see as much of San Francisco as you can in just one day

15 Fascinating Facts About San Francisco
15 things you may not know about San Francisco.

Golden Gate Bridge Tolls for Visitors
You can't pay with cash when you cross and you don't want to pay a fine. Visitor's guide tells you what to do and your options for paying.

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