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Cavallo Point Spa

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Cavallo Point Spa

Cavallo Point Spa

Courtesy of Cavallo Point

The Bottom Line

A comment from one of the spa attendants as I left my massage session sums it up: "I don't have to ask you how it was, I can see it in your face."

Clearly, I'm not the only person who felt that way. Although the spa had been open less than a month, I met a woman who was already coming back for the second time.

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  • Beautiful, peaceful, environmentally sensitive design
  • Signature massage (a mix of several styles) is especially relaxing
  • Friendly, helpful, attentive staff and excellent massage therapists earn an "A+"


  • This small facility may soon be overwhelmed by demand for its excellent services


  • Located at Cavallo Point Lodge in Sausalito, just north and east of the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • The spa has a sauna, outdoor basking pool and herbal apothecary. The Tea Bar serves teas, herbal drinks and light snacks
  • Contact Info:
    601 Murray Circle
    Sausalito, CA
    Phone: 415-339-4767
    Cavallo Point Spa website
  • Rates: In August, 2008, a one-hour massage was $140 to $145. Check current rates
  • Treatments at Cavallo Point Spa: Massages, soaks, wraps and facials. They also provide healing acupuncture and body work.
  • What's Special at Cavallo Point: Signature massage delivers an especially relaxing result
  • Policies: Clients must be at least 18 years old.

Guide Review - Cavallo Point Spa

Cavallo Point Spa offers little pretense. Instead, it focuses on the reason we go to spas: relaxation and restoration.

The spa is part of Cavallo Point Lodge in Sausalito, located just below the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge. Housed in a new building, it's clean, airy and light-filled. The facilities are well-designed and small touches abound.

I had the signature massage, developed especially for the spa. It combines aromatherapy with a blend of compressions, stretches, holds long strokes. It was so relaxing that I was especially glad that my therapist had thoughtfully moved robe and slippers next to the table so I didn't have to move far to get them. It took a long, hot shower and a cup of tea in the atrium before I felt alert enough to be safe on the highway getting home.

The spa offers a nice variety of spa treatments, but it's also a wellness center, the kind of place you might visit regularly, offering acupuncture, body work and herbal consultations designed to help keep your body and mind healthy.


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