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Alcatraz Pictures

Photo Tour of Alcatraz Island


These Alcatraz pictures are here for your enjoyment, to check out what it looks like before you go - or to remember your visit afterward.
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How far away is it?Alcatraz Ferry ViewPrisoners weren't the only ones living on Alcatraz, you know.Barracks ApartmentsThis is what it looks like if you're a bird or a planeBird's-Eye ViewUsed less often than you might think...Morgue
An unexpected Alcatraz inhabitantNesting SeagullThe prisoners get into your head during the tour...Cell BlockWhere the meals were preparedKitchenHow would you like to spend 20 hours a day here?Prisoner Cells
Find out what prisoner Clarence Young claimed these cells made him doSolitary ConfinementWho's sick?Hospital17 rooms, all viewsWarden's HouseWhich was here first, the lighthouse or the prison?Alcatraz Lighthouse

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