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San Francisco by Month


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San Francisco in February

What to Expect from San Francisco in February

February is in the middle of San Francisco's rainy season, when the monthly rainfall sometimes arrives all on the same day.

San Francisco Weather in February

Average High Temperature: 61°F/16°C
Average Low Temperature: 48°F/9°C
Rain & Clouds Index: 2.95 inches (7.4 cm) rain, 62% sunshine

What to Pack, What to Wear in February

If rain is predicted, an umbrella may not be your best choice. They're hard to carry on crowded sidewalks and don't protect from wind-driven raindrops. A warm, waterproof jacket with hood is a better choice - or a full-length rain coat.

A mid-weight jacket (or a bit more) will be enough on dry days. Unless you're going to the ski slopes, you can leave the heavy winter coat at home, but San Franciscans often wear gloves, hat and scarf on cooler mornings.

San Francisco February Events

  • San Francisco Wine Competition: The judges are busy at the largest competition of American Wines in the world, but the general public can also get a chance to taste some of those great vintages. Sells out, so get tickets early.

  • Chinese New Year: Lots of events celebrate the new year according to the Chinese calendar, including a big parade.

Especially Fun in February

Writer George Sterling once called San Francisco the "cool, grey city of love" and we all know that singer Tony Bennett left his heart there. What better place could you find to celebrate Valentine's Day? Use these resources to plan your perfect little tryst.

February is gray whale season around San Francisco. Find out how, when and where in the San Francisco Whale Watching Guide.

If the weather tries to turn your vacation into a soggy mess, try these Things to Do on a Rainy Day in San Francisco

Averages and Reality

Use the weather averages to get an idea of what things may be like, but it might be different when you visit. A winter day could even be so warm you'll wish you packed your shorts.

Averages are helpful for planning ahead, but don't count on your trip being "average." Check the San Francisco weather forecast before you leave home.

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