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Top Things to do in San Francisco with Kids


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#6. Fisherman's Wharf, Iconic San Francisco
Top Things to do in San Francisco with Kids

Fisherman's Wharf San Francisco

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Fisherman's Wharf is an iconic San Francisco sight, with colorful boats, street performers and lots of those goofy tourist attractions that many kids love to visit.

Among those attractions are the Wax Museum and Ripley's Believe it Or Not, but if you can pry the kids away from them, try the Musee Mecahnique, located off the main street near Fisherman's Grotto, its a collection of old-fashioned arcade games that somehow still hold appeal for youngsters used to the latest digital amusements.

You'll find a lot of street performers around Fisherman's Wharf, but if you see a bush in an odd spot with a lot of people looking at it, beware. Many visitors enjoy the "Bush Man," whose entire act consists of hiding behind that bush and jumping out to startle people, but some small children find him frightening.

Kids with maritime interests can get them satisfied here, too. The Liberty ship Jeremiah O'Brien and the Pampanito submarine are open for tours, as is the Hyde Street Pier Maritime Museum.

Pros and Cons

Fisherman's Wharf is always crowded and the kids may not be too interested in looking at a bunch of docked fishing boats, but if the other attractions appeal to them, they'll have a lot of fun. Going behind the touristy facade is also fun, but remember it's a working pier with no guard rails and you'll need to keep a sharp eye on the kids.

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