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Fascinating Facts about San Francisco


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#1: All the Boring Facts
  • San Francisco Population: 825,863 in 20121
  • Size: 46.69 sq mi1
  • City Flower: Dahlia2
  • San Francisco was incorporated as a City on April 15th, 18503

Common Questions About San Francisco Answered

  • What caused the 1906 San Francisco earthquake? How big was the 1906 San Francisco earthquake? The San Andreas Fault ruptured along 296 miles of its length. People weren't measuring earthquakes with numbers in 1906, but for comparison, 25 miles ruptured in the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake and scientists say the 1906 quake was 16 times more powerful than 1989.4


  • What time is it in San Francisco? San Francisco is in the Pacific time zone. Use the U.S. time website to find out what time it is right now.


  • What county is San Francisco in? This one is easy. San Francisco is both city and county. Same borders, same government.


  • What does San Francisco mean? The city's name was taken from the Spanish mission, named for Saint San Francisco de Asis - Saint Francis in English.

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