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Things to Do in San Francisco: Top Sights and Attractions


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#7. Golden Gate Park
Things to Do in San Francisco: Top Sights and Attractions

Boating on Stow Lake, Golden Gate Park

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Three miles long by a half mile wide and larger than New York City's Central Park, Golden Gate Park is the city's largest outdoor spot. If you go, you can see Dutch windmills, a buffalo herd, remote-controlled boats, museums and gardens - and plenty of places to play or have a picnic.

Golden Gate Park

One of the most popular attractions in the park is the Japanese Tea Garden, but there's plenty more to see here, including the San Francisco Botanical Garden, California Academy of Sciences and Conservatory of Flowers.

Pros and Cons

Golden Gate Park seems to have something for everyone - and a lot of it. On the downside, it's far from the main tourist destinations and best-accessed by automobile. Although public transit also goes there, it's still a long walk from the bus stop to some of the park's attractions.

More About Golden Gate Park

If you need more information, check the Complete Guide to Golden Gate Park. It will tell you about the most popular spots with hours and how to get tickets, along with a map that shows where it all is.

Take a photo tour of Golden Gate Park to see what it's like.

See where it is on a map. It's the solid green marker.

Don't Take Our Word For It

See how others rate Golden Gate Park - from Yuck! to Awesome! For your reference, everyone's taste is different, our readers are a fussy bunch and they get even pickier in San Francisco, with the best-rated attractions in the San Francisco area getting 55% to 60% Awesome votes.

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