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Things to Do in San Francisco: Top Sights and Attractions


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#4. Slip Over to Sausalito
Things to Do in San Francisco: Top Sights and Attractions

Sausalito Waterfront

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Sausalito, just across San Francisco Bay, has some of the best views OF San Francisco in the area.


Most visitors take a stroll in Sausalito, browsing in the shops and having a bite to eat. The ferry ride across the Bay to Sausalito is like a mini-bay cruise.

Pros and Cons

Sausalito has great views of the city - and it's pleasant enough otherwise, but to get there, you have to drive across the Golden Gate Bridge (and pay a toll to get back) or take a ferry (and face time pressures to be sure you don't miss the return trip).

More About Sausalito

If you need more information, check the Complete Guide to Sausalito. It will tell you about how to get there, where to park and when to go.

See where it is on a map. It's the solid orange-colored marker.

Don't Take Our Word For It

See how others rate Sausalito - from Yuck! to Awesome! For your reference, everyone's taste is different, our readers are a fussy bunch and they get even pickier in San Francisco, with the best-rated attractions in the San Francisco area getting 55% to 60% Awesome votes.

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